Xfree86 3.3. accelerated server binaries, were ?

Xfree86 3.3. accelerated server binaries, were ?

Post by Sven Cronenbe » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:59:22

Does anyone know a server, where XFree 3.3 binaries for the
accelerated servers (especially Matrox/mga and 3dlabs/Glint) are

Ich could finde the framebufferversion of the xserver on many sites,
but no accelerated servers? Any solution besides compiling Xfree 3.3.



1. Xfree86 3.3 gzip binaries

I'm having a problem trying to uncompress the xfree86 3.3 binaries that I
downloaded from the XFee86 site.  I've got the files in the /usr/X11R6
directory & when I uncomprees them with gzip they only seem to extract to the
display.  The directories aren't created and no files are writen to disk.  I'm
using the commands suggested by the Xfree86 3.3 release notes:

    gzip -d < X33file.tgz cpio -i -v -d -u -H ustar

I'm new to Linux so any help would be appreciated.


Thomas Kozelsky '89 - Gig'em

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