Yaboot problem

Yaboot problem

Post by Riccardo Casolar » Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:32:53

my titanium have the following partition:
one partition for mac os 9.1, one for mac os X, and finally all the
partitions for YDL 2.0. I install yaboot in another 10 M partition. When the
titanium boot up yaboot correctly start and if I choose linux from the menu
all is ok and YDL startup. But if a choose Mac os i receive the following
error: DEFAULT CATCH and the system is halted.
Anyone can help me?

Riccardo Casolari


1. Suse 7.0 for PowerPC on B&W G3 400 yaboot problem

Hi, helpful Linux gods/godesses:

Here's the setup:

B&W G3 400Mhz Rev. 1 (I believe)
Adaptec 2940 U2W LVD with:
1 8.5 GB SCSI drive, with MacOS only
1 18 GB SCA-to-SCSI adapterized drive for Suse, with HFS Standard boot
partition and non-clobbered Apple partitions, and several Linux partitions


When installing Suse Linux 7.0 for PowerPC, everything goes fairly well
(with some problems with my ADB mouse in X), but no other observable
problems. I follow Suse's instructions for implementing the suseboot OF
script for selecting to boot to my MacOS drive and to the Suse drive.
Unfortunately, whatever program/script reads the OF information appends
"/compatible/" to the OF boot-device and boot-file strings, leaving me with


And thereby, making OF not find the device or file to boot from.

Now, I've done some monkeying to resolve this without bothering you:

* Change OF settings for boot-device and boot-file, which at least got
yaboot loading, BUT... now yaboot loads and responds to entering return at
the prompt by clearing the screen and re-presenting the same prompt. I hear
a "click" of disk activity as the screen clears, but the loop continues.
* Changed yaboot.conf to reflect the removal of "/compatible/", but realized
that I need to write that to the boot sectors (which is what I assume yaboot
needs). Suse doesn't seem to use ybin within their lilo to write the boot
records, so...

My questions:

* What does Suse 7.0 PowerPC actually do when you launch Lilo? I've been
unable to find any docs on that (please point me the right way if I'm merely
ignorant). Does it launch other scripts and programs to do it's dirty work?
* Where is lilo getting that blasted "/compatible/" junk from? OF has never
had anything resembling that on my Mac (before installing Suse or after
zapping the NVRAM and re-setting the startup disk). Has anyone else battled
through this?
* How do I merely configure yaboot without running the (possibly broken)

I am new to Suse, coming from RH 5.2/6.2/7.0 for Intel and LinuxPPC
2000/2000 Q4 and BootX. Suse looks to be a much more pleasant experience
than either RH or LinuxPPC (with LinuxPPC being basically RH), and I'm eager
to get started with it, so I'd greatly appreciate your help in getting me
over this hump!

If you need more info, please ask!

Jesse Adelman


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