LinuxPPC & PPP - Do I have to recompile?

LinuxPPC & PPP - Do I have to recompile?

Post by Michael Coy » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello All,

So I'm climbing the steep learning curve of Linux, and I'm not doing too

The next peak to scale is dial in PPP.

I can see from my boot message that pppd 2.3 is running, and I'm trying
to use EZppp, but the binary won't run. My fear is that I will have to
recompile it, and frankly, that's beyond me right now.

I've read Dan Caugherty's recommended:

and all the HOW-TO's I can find. I think if I can just get EZppp up and
running, the rest of the config should go well.

Ideas, suggestions, recommendations?


Michael Coyle.Audio Engineer.The Chicago Recording Company


1. ppp && PPPoE && ADSL && net && buffer(s)

i have a freebsd box (4.8-RELEASE) and a italian ADSL (256/128 if i remember good) line.
sometimes my freebsd box (that i use as firewall in my little lan) became stalled.
no data arrive and with ping IP i get error about some buffers full.
in ppp.log i see a lot of:
Jun 24 22:45:39 firewall ppp[66]: tun0: Phase: Clearing choked output queue

i search with google on newsgroups but i don't find nothing that work :)

i put some info on the configuration, because i read a lot of question about this parameters :)

kernel config:
maxusers        64
options         NMBCLUSTERS=32768       #expand nic buffer

in ppp.conf:
add default HISADDR

netstat -m:
1/400/131072 mbufs in use (current/peak/max):
        1 mbufs allocated to data
0/182/32768 mbuf clusters in use (current/peak/max)
464 Kbytes allocated to network (0% of mb_map in use)
0 requests for memory denied
0 requests for memory delayed
0 calls to protocol drain routines

netstat -t:
Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default        UGSc       15  8181837   tun0
localhost          localhost          UH         11   116358    lo0
192.168.0          link#1             UC          3        0    rl0
firewall           00:10:a7:06:7b:50  UHLW        3    31603    lo0
stefano            00:06:4f:01:08:86  UHLW       12 15328918    rl0    900      ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff  UHLWb       0     2635    rl0      hostXXX-172.pool62 UH         19        0   tun0

i hope that someone can help me :)


Stefano Balocco
RIPE handle:    6BONE-SB27
Keyserver: ID:     8EF05AB2
Fingerprint:    DF65 A9E5 E307 D647 9E41 1CD1 9265 BF7D 8EF0 5AB2

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