Can't run MkLinux from HFS partition

Can't run MkLinux from HFS partition

Post by Steven Ka » Sun, 11 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I tried following someone's instructions for running MkLinux from an HFS
partition (/sda4, for reference):

1) Mach Kernel is in Extensions, where it belongs
2) MkLinux Booter is in Extensions, where is belongs
2) mach_servers folder is at root level of HFS volume
3) lilo.conf points to the HFS partition(/sda4) instead of to the /
partition (/sda12) as it did for the standard configuration  
4) boostrap.conf reads as follow:

-w default_pager /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/default_pager
-k -S 524288000 startup /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/vmlinux -c

[the second line has no line break in it, though it may be soft-wrapped
in you news viewer]

During the boot process everything goes fine thru the hardware setup and
then it prints:

(bootstrap): loading /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/default_pager
(default_pager): started
(bootstrap): loading /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/vmlinux

and then it hangs indefinitely.

I've tried this with the kernel/server pair that shipped with DR3, and
with GENERIC 05 and GENERIC 07. Same result every time.

If I point lilo.conf back to /sda12 with the DR3 kernel/server then
everything works fine, so I know all the files are good. I copied the
kernel/server to the HFS volume from Mac OS using LinuxDisks.

Any hints or suggestions? Thanks!
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I successfully installed MkLinux DR3 on a 7100/66 104 MB RAM/3GB HD. I
used APS PowerTools 4.1 to partition the drive in 1 GB HFS, 800 MB A/UX
root, 100 MB A/UX Swap, 550 MB HFS and 650 HFS partitions. All worked
without a hitch.

Now, the problem. I have installed MkLinux on another computer,
transferred files, etc. I want to de-install from the 7100, and get back
the 900 MB A/UX to a more usable HFS partition. I successfully used pdisk
to delete the 800+100 partitions, and they were joined as a 900 MB
"Apple_Free" partition.

*** But my partitioner doesn't see the available space ***

What can I do/what must I use, short of backing up everything and
re-formatting from scratch?



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