RedHat edk 1.0 (linux) on MBX 860 board

RedHat edk 1.0 (linux) on MBX 860 board

Post by Srinivasa T. » Sat, 18 Aug 2001 14:23:18

    I am trying RedHat edk 1.0 on MBX 860 board. My host is redhat 6.2

   I was able to compile the kernel and get zImage and httpd demo
  program compiled using source navigator for the target.

  After that when i boot up the MBX to get the zImage , i am not able
  boot the kernel itself.. It shows the error message:

 EPPC-Bug>pl 20 0
 Network Booting from: MPC860, Controller 20, Device 0
 Loading: Operating System

 Client IP Address      =
 Server IP Address      =
 Gateway IP Address     =
 Subnet IP Address Mask =
 Boot File Name         = /tftpboot/
 Argument File Name     =

 Bytes Received =&471790, Bytes Loaded =&405938
 Bytes/Second   =&235895, Elapsed Time =2 Second(s)
 loaded at:     00210000 00204AA4
 relocated to:  00100000 000F4AA4
 board data at: 00FF4558 00FF4580
 relocated to:  00200100 00200128
 zimage at:     00216000 00271FD8
 avail ram:     00272000 01000000

 Linux/PPC load:
 Uncompressing Linux...done.
 Now booting the kernel

     And the target hangs..
     Anybody has any idea what's happening..

     thanx in advane.


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