How/where to get source to build Mklinux/vmlinux?

How/where to get source to build Mklinux/vmlinux?

Post by Paul Cantre » Sun, 19 Apr 1998 04:00:00

2 Questions:

1)      Anyone been able to make a mouse systems 3 button ADB mouse work
        under Mklinux?

20      How/where do I get the sources so I can fix this myself? I'd like to
        get the full source tree for DR3 development, I have a G3 I just
        brought Mklinux up on. I've been doing unix kernel development for
        20 years, so I can probably find my way around given the tree...




1. MkLinux install: bootstrap terminating after vmlinux+installer?

I have a Powermac 8600/300 with 64meg RAM.  I'm attempting to install
MkLinux pre-DR3 (having downloaded the files from apple as of 6/12/98).

When I boot up with MkLinux to try and run the installer, the last three
lines I get during bootup are:

(bootstrap): loading /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/vmlinux+installer
(bootstrap): started
(bootstrap): '/dev/boot_device/mach_servers/vmlinux+installer' task terminated

And then it just does nothing.  A friend who is not a guru says that this
means the default_pager file isn't loading, but it's there in the
mach_servers folder.  I must have all the files in the right place or
bootstrap wouldn't even start, so what's going on?

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