linux for 5260?

linux for 5260?

Post by Tom Vi » Mon, 02 Feb 1998 04:00:00

will the monolithic pmac kernel run on a (performa) powermac 5260? cuz at
school i finally got my own machine for linux, but mach won't boot on any
performas. thanx for any info, cuz all the supported machine lists i saw
for pmac were very dated.

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1. Linux PPC + Performa 5260 + Farallon LC

I would be interested in installing Linux on this machine, but only if I
can get it in my network thereafter.  Since I'm not too familiar with Macs,
I asked at a local store what the best solution is to getting such a machine
into the net.  They mentioned this Farallon LC Card.  The thing also costs a
pretty penny, and they won't let me return it if it doesn't work under linux
.... so does anybody know if this is supported?

Of course Farallon does not provide me with any proper info regarding this
manner.  Since I'm relatively unfamiliar, does anybody see any better
for getting a Performa 5260 into a RJ-45 ethernet with Linux?

Thanks in advance!

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