A strange yaboot problem

A strange yaboot problem

Post by Riccardo Gus » Mon, 21 Aug 2000 04:00:00

First of all I would like to thank E .Benson and whoever else helped in
the 0.17 release of ybin because now I have a dual-boot script working
in my iMac rev.B with Italian keyboard too (the former one didn't work).
Still I have this strange problem: if I choose Linux/yaboot at the FIRST
startup of my comp the boot stops after a little time, more precisely
after the two lines that say:
new usb device.....

If instead at the first startup I boot in MacOs and then reboot in Linux
everything works.
Any suggestions?
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1. strange yaboot problem. help appreciated

Sometimes when Linux crashes (can't even get to the kernel with
ctrl-alt-del to shutdown) and I am forced to restart, yaboot will boot
up but say it cannot find the configuration file, other times it works.
When this happens, I am forced to boot of of a Mac CD, set the start-up
drive, and reboot.  (BTW, this is the only way I have to switch back to
Mac as well, because despite what everyone tells me, holding down ALT
does nothing on my early Lombard).

Every time the config file is not found, when I reboot using a mac CD and
check the startup disk there is none selected.  I can also create the
same problem with yaboot by zapping the p-ram.

I've reached the conclusion that if there is no startup disk in the
p-ram, it finds /boot and starts up yaboot, but yaboot cannot find the
config file.  Why would this be?

can you give yaboot a path to the config file that would work all the
time?  can you set the startup drive from the yaboot menu or from open
firmware (I've never played with OF . . . it is terra incognita for me).

Since holding down ALT does not work on my machine, is there a way to
specify the start-up disk in linux for the next restart?


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