booting from Harddisk on a Motorola Powerstack

booting from Harddisk on a Motorola Powerstack

Post by Martin Wis » Mon, 07 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I have a problem with my Linux installation, I cannot boot from it.

I have a

Motorola Powerstack
133MHz 32MB Ram
1GB Quantum Fireball SCSI Harddisk

I have no experience in Power PC and therefore I have the following
fdisk partitions

        Start   End     Blocks  ID      System
sda1    1       300     316169  82      Linux native
sda2    301     310     10540   41      Prep Boot Partition
sda3    311     411     106454  83      Linux Swap

All partitions are primary
the bootable flag is set to the 1st partition (sda1)

I have Redhat 5.0 (Hurricane Kernel 2.1.57 for PowerPC604) Linux, and
after the Installation the installer wants me to enter the following:

root=/dev/sda1 noinitrd

but if I enter this
the system says:

noinitrd: command not found

I enter root=/dev/sda1 in a second window (with Alt-F2 it is possible
to switch the screen)

after that the installation finishes sucessfull, and brings up Linux
for PowerPC.
After login I cannot enter the line root=/dev/sda1 noinitrd, too, the
same error occurs.

Then I do nothing, I do not know, whether to copy a specific file to a
specific directory ore something else, but at this time I can work.

After a shutdown -r now the machine tries to start again, but the I
get the followin error in my PPC

Loading: Operating System

IPL Size Exceeds Free-Available Memory:
IPL Size                =3E001000 (&1040191388)
Free-Availaable Memory=01F7C000 (&33013760)

And the I can install it again from the bootdisk making a ftp install,
and at the end it works, till the next shutdown

Id be very happy to get this thing to work at last
thank you

Maybe I have to copy a image file or smething to any place. or I have
to have different partition tables, I do not know, but Im sure, that
someone can help me with this problem


booting from Harddisk on a Motorola Powerstack

Post by Andrew J. Bre » Tue, 08 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>    Start   End     Blocks  ID      System
>sda1        1       300     316169  82      Linux native
>sda2        301     310     10540   41      Prep Boot Partition
>sda3        311     411     106454  83      Linux Swap

Hm... set the active flag to the boot partition?


booting from Harddisk on a Motorola Powerstack

Post by Michael K War » Fri, 11 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Andrew is right. You need to set the boot flag to /dev/sda2 (in your
case) instead of /dev/sda1. There is a difference between the boot
partition (/dev/sda2) and where the root filesystem (/) is located
(which seems to be /dev/sda1 from the message the installer gave you).

To boot off /dev/sda2 you also need to write the zImage for your kernel
(2.1.57) there. You can usually find this where did your install from
(CD or FTP, etc) usually under kernel-images. Or you can build your own
if you install the kernel source. Nevertheless, when you have it you
need to issue the following command from the directory where you have
it. This will write the raw file to the boot partition.
dd if=zImage of=/dev/sda2 conv=sync

Then when the the machine first boots, you should enter the
root=/dev/sda1 noinitrd when you see something like 'LinuxPPC load :'
right after the Initial program load and memory locations are shown.
Typing this after you login has no effect. Also note that at present you
may still have to type this in every time you boot (so no unattandend
reboot unless you want to hack the kernel.c file to point to the
major,minor (e.g 8,17) numbers of your root device). Since my root
device is /dev/sdb1 then I don't know if that applies to you, or if it
will pick it up automatically (not sure about the initrd).
The specifics are in another post Linux for PowerPC; unattended boot on
Tue Dec.8 by Roberto Divia.


> >       Start   End     Blocks  ID      System
> >sda1   1       300     316169  82      Linux native
> >sda2   301     310     10540   41      Prep Boot Partition
> >sda3   311     411     106454  83      Linux Swap

> Hm... set the active flag to the boot partition?

Michael K. Ward                
Computing Platforms Technology  
Nortel Networks        


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