PowerPC based Car MP3 Player

PowerPC based Car MP3 Player

Post by scorp.. » Sat, 22 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I was thinking of building an MP3 player for my car.  In the long run,
I will add modem support through my PCS phone to be able to do simple
web browsing (check Mapquest, for example; web-based e-mail, etc.) and
hopefully wireless Ethernet/Wake-on-lan capability.  I would like to,
in the beginning, bring it inside and update the files via Ethernet
(SAMBA server), but eventually do this over Wireless Ethernet.

Is there a PowerPC embedded system with sound, ethernet, and TFT
support?  I found a Pentium based solution for $400, but I was
wondering if someone knew of a PowerPC based solution in that price

I figured that with the PowerPC's strong FPU, a cheaper PPC solution
might be available that could run MP3s.  Does anyone have any

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1. car mp3 player

I'm looking into constructing an mp3 player for my car.  I've searched the
web, but come up with lots of useless (for me) info.  Basically, what I'm
looking for is a linux mp3 program that I can use for the playing.  It
should support keypad control, and ideally, output to an LCD screen.  Does
anyone have any pointers.  If not, where can I get info on writing one
myself?  Thanks.

David Bilbey

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