MOL vs 603e

MOL vs 603e

Post by Rick » Sun, 22 Apr 2001 19:37:53

The MOL page saye they will soon have MOL running on 603s without having
to patch the kernel. Does anyone have any idea when soon is?

An and all info appreciated.



1. MOL on Umax C500 (603e)

Does anyone know if MOL is supposed to run on a 603e based machine
without manually patching the kernel/ The documentations reads like the
kernel is patched in real time by MOL, but I keep getting this message:

Using MOL library directory /usr/lib/mol
This kernel is NOT runtime patched
Trying to apply MOL runtime patches.

This machines has a 603 processor. Unfortunately,
it is not possible to add MOL support for this machines
without recompiling the kernel (with the MOL patch applied).

What does this mean? I am using the latest verison of MOL.
Any and all help appreciated.

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