Does Toshiba 32x cd-rom work w/ Linux-pmac?

Does Toshiba 32x cd-rom work w/ Linux-pmac?

Post by Julian Cro » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00

The Toshiba 32x cd-rom drives (SCSI, model no. XM6201B-S) are very
attractively priced these days. They can be found for about $100 (internal)
from CMP Express (

I'm looking to replace my 4x internal but want to make sure it will work with
linuxpmac. I imagine to get it working in the MacOS I'd have to use FWB's
CDR toolkit or something like it - I doubt the Apple driver will work.

There's been some discussion here recently about problems with particular
cd-rom drives and the drivers in the current '98 linuxpmac distribution.

Anyone know if this drive will work? Better yet, anyone currently using
this drive with linuxpmac?



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