best upgrade for 6100/60--MkLinux works on Newer card

best upgrade for 6100/60--MkLinux works on Newer card

Post by Steven Ka » Sun, 21 Feb 1999 04:00:00

> > The 'ol box is straining under OS8.5. If I keep it I'll put in a Sonnet
> > G3 or a Newer (MaxPower?) G3 card. Sonnet is somewhat cheaper. Does
> > anyone have an opinion about which is better? Ease of installation?
> > Heat issues?  TIA...Tom

> I'm very happy with my Newer210 card. The prices have dropped to around
> $380 for this:


> and you don't need an adapter unless you've got an AV or HPV card (in
> which case you probably already have the adapter.) Although you would
> need to buy the adapter if you later decided to add a video card.

> Contrary to another posting, I've had email from several readers who
> have succesfully run MkLinux on this card. MkLinux does not require Open
> Firmware. LinuxPPC does.

Well I've got MkLinux running on my 6100/Newer210, and it's definitely
running on the G3 processor. The message at the top of the screen says:

MkLinux for Power Macintosh. Brought to you by Apple Computer, Inc.
Developer Release 3 (Linux 2.0.33-osfmach3 on a PowerPC 750 (Arthur))
Based on REdHat Linux release 5.0 (Hurricane)
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Dear all,

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I searched through the and websites but
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Can anybody please let me know how you do it?

Best regards,

Eric Yung

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