Interesting video isues on YDL 2.1

Interesting video isues on YDL 2.1

Post by Paul McGran » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:02:20

I've been having very wacky video issues with a new install of Yellow
Dog 2.1.  (I did switch monitors on it since it didn't seem to work on
the ancient 67Hz-only one I first gave it).

I've decided just to reinstall since all I really accomplished was
installing GAIM and that's easily repeated (btw are there better AOL IM
clients? GAIM has a following but it doesn't seem that cool to me).

But for the future, is there a good reference on XF86/X11/XWindows
configuration that I can consult and learn with? I'm intrigued by the
virtual screen scrolling I accidentally accessed,which works incredibly
well on my 180Mhz 604e. I'd like to re-enable it, but with a larger real
resolution than 640x480, Thanks a lot for any pointers! :^)

...Paul McGrane


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