3 button mouse on Powerbook G3 333 mhz ?

3 button mouse on Powerbook G3 333 mhz ?

Post by Stephen Travis Pop » Sat, 28 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have a Contour Designs UniMouse 3-button USB mouse connected to a
"bronze" PowerBook. It works fine under both MacOS and Linux. I use Paul
Mackerras's 2.2.10 kernel.


> Has anyone been successful at using an external 3 button mouse with
> LinuxPPC on the latest Powerbooks?  If so, could you tell me which
> mouse you are using?

> Thanks.


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3 button mouse on Powerbook G3 333 mhz ?

Post by Steve H » Sat, 28 Aug 1999 04:00:00

> I don't know about a three button but you probably could use some kernel
> tweaks to make a Kensington 2 or 4 button turbo mouse emulate the third
> button or you could assign it to one of the free buttons on a four
> button turbo mouse.

At least on a blueG3, with no tweaks at all, the 4-button
Thinking Mouse acts like a three-button mouse; top left and
right, and bottom left.


1. G3 Powerbook (Wallstreet), ADB Mouse PPC 2000 Q4, 3 button emulation

I know this is an FAQ, but none of the frequent answers solve my problem !

On a G3 Powerbook (Wallstreet) with an ordinary one-button ADB Mouse using
PPC 2000 Q4 I am trying to set up the 3 button emulation (for KDE as it

None of the suggestions (like clearing the Xmodmap) to turn of the alt
mapping of the option key work.

Using "adb_buttons=" in the boot options doesn't seem to work either. The
Yellow Dog suggestion of "adb_buttons=1,102,111" doesn't seem to work.

Using "showkey" to find out the mappings of F11 and F12 respectively
gives 87 and 88, but neither "adb_buttons=1,87,88" nor "adb_buttons=87,88"
seems to work.

If anyone has solved this problem for this particular hardware combination
I would love to know.

I did try looking for a 3-button ADB mouse somewhere (like Kensington) but
can't find one anywhere. Any suggestions ?


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