window manager GNUstep doesn't work when I set it

window manager GNUstep doesn't work when I set it

Post by Nicola » Sun, 03 Oct 1999 04:00:00

window manager GNUstep doesn't work when I set it, a notice window
inform me that there is bug, in fact I don't want to use the default
window manager how I can resolve it,
I WANT to USE nextstep window manager look and feel.

thank's in advance for your help

Nico ;-)


1. Re. bffcreate -X doesn't work Re: bffcreate -X Doesn't Work

bffcreate first restores all images from the tape to /tmp (default)
and than does a 'restore -p' to pack them in big files and place these
files in /usr/sys/inst.images. It's much more easier to use 'dd' to
copy the files directly from the tape to disk. The only thing you have
to take care about it the naming. If all images are copied run 'inutoc'
on the directory were you placed your files this will create the
table of contents files '.toc'.

frank ;-)

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