Network interface sees broadcasts but nothing else!?!

Network interface sees broadcasts but nothing else!?!

Post by Charles Gree » Tue, 27 Nov 2001 02:45:28


Well, I've finally gotten our Performa 6400/200 to use the Asound ALM2
Ethernet card - almost.  The driver module (myson803) loads in my
LinuxPPC 2000 Q4 system with 2.2.18 kernel, it identifies the card
(vendor 1516 and device 803 - the chip is labeled as "ASOUND LAN-8139",
and I earlier tried the rti8139 and 8139too drivers without success),
and I can load an IP address.

While I see traffic leaving the card by using 'ethereal' on another
Linux box on the network, the only evidence that the card can receive
data is in response to an ARP request.  For example:
41 183.551804 3COM_cf:6e:79    ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff  ARP   Who has  Tell
42 183.552137 Asound_ef:ca:f5  3COM_cf:6e:79      ARP is
at 00:02:2a:ef:ca:f5
43 183.552165       ICMP  Echo (ping)
44 184.552094       ICMP  Echo (ping)
The LinuxPPC system (Asound_) sees the ARP broadcast and responds with
its IP address (set via 'ipconfig'), but it does not see the subsequent

It appears to me that the LinuxPPC can see broadcasts, but not packets
addressed to it.  For example, when attempting to use DHCP to set the
IP address:
13  78.269795    DHCP  DHCP Discover -
Transaction ID 0xef2a08d9
14  78.287393      DHCP  DHCP Offer    -
Transaction ID 0xef2a08d9
In the above exchange, packet 13 is from the LinuxPPC and packet 14 is
from the DHCP server to the LinuxPPC, which doesn't react.

One of the suggestions from the HOWTOs I located was to verify that
interrupts were being received.  If I check /proc/interrupts after
booting (when the system has attempted to initialize the interface with
DHCP), there are none, but as soon as I use 'ifconfig' to configure a
static IP address, there are, e.g., 43 interrupts on 25, and activities
such as 'ping' requests raise the number.

Has anyone seen behavior like this?  Any suggested solutions?  I'll be
happy to summarize Email replies.



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