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I can print fine under MacOS, so I know the hardware is setup properly.
Under LinuxPPC 1999 I can't even get it to print when send characters
directly to /dev/ttyS1.  I know that the printer is on that device, but
I get nothing from the printer.  Printing worked fine under LinuxPPC 4,
but with, nothing.

Thanks for any help,

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I recently downloaded StarOffice 4.0 and installed this application into
Linux. Unfortunately StarOffice uses PostScript, Their documentation mentions
something about a filter, This is something I don't know how to do; I got
printing to work under lpr but that is as far as it goes.

I can print from Staroffice but all I get is garbage even when I follow their
instructions for specifing a specific Printer.

My Printer is a Canon BJC-600e if that helps. Currently I save the file to a
*.ps and then use Ghostview to open and print the file, this seems to me a
long way to do this. Any help would be appreciated even if its pointing me to
documentation on printing filters , etc.


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