Newbie can't install from CD

Newbie can't install from CD

Post by Helen Thornle » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 17:13:55

Hello.  Right, I've finally taken the plunge and partitioned, but I
can't make LinuxPPC Q4 install from a
CD.  It comes up with config file error - bad use of / in
//yaboot.conf.  It then puts up the text-based installer, where it claims
a variety of things to my experimentations:
a) install files can't be found
b) findkeymap - no such file of directory
c) VFS can't find a valid MSDOS filesystem on dev 03:0a

The last one worries me a lot - am i doing something *desperately* stupid

I'm obviously a newbie, running an imac 350MHz on syst 8.6.  I've given
2Gb HFS to Mac OS and 4Gb HFS to Linux.

Thank you for your help

Helen Thornley


Newbie can't install from CD

Post by Helen Thornle » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 23:01:27

I've repartioned with pdisk off my burnt CD, but I still can't run the
installer.  I've got a 20MB /boot (HFS) and two A/UX partitions (/ and
/swap), as per instructions.  All I need now is to make the installer run...

Any suggestions/things I could yet have missed, gratefully received!


Newbie can't install from CD

Post by Helen Thornle » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 05:24:48

Quote:> how did you burn the install CD?

Using Toast 4.1ish.  I had heard there were problems with Toast, but if I
managed to run pdisk from the CD I thought perhaps this showed it wasn't the
fault of the CD.  I'm thinking now of perhaps burning another disk though,
just in case.

Thanks for your assistance.



Newbie can't install from CD

Post by Acidhea » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 15:09:52

it sounds like the CD is all phucked up. Probably a burn error ur somethin.

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