libpcap and tcpdump

libpcap and tcpdump

Post by David Cluni » Thu, 05 Jul 2001 07:37:08

Hi all

Does anyone know if there is a version of tcpdump and libpcap
that works with PPC linux ?

The versions I tried (in the PPC Linux distribution) as well as
compiled from the most recent sources (from did
not work (complained about socket not being supported, even as

Is this a difficulty putting the interface in promiscuous mode ?


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1. tcpdump-3.0.2 and libpcap-0.0.6

I recently downloaded tcpdump-3.0.2 and after reading the README found that
I needed to compile libpcap-0.0.6 first.  I also read the Linux is not
supported in the souce file I down loaded but it has recently
been ported to linux.  I was wondering if anyone knows were I can
find these patch files to compile these programs.



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