Questions Questions Questions ???

Questions Questions Questions ???

Post by Earthe » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

ok I have a few questions so here I go.
Firstly I have net access but I can not use xisp or the ppp interface as
an ordinary user as it tells me access denied.  I have tried everything
I can think of such as changing the permissions and setting the group to
have pppd rights etc but I am at a loss as to why it still denies that
user access.  I am sure it is a simple problem to solve and any ideas
are more than welcome.
Also what is a good ICQ application to use with Linux.  I need source
code and preferably one that works (I already have ten that don't work
on my system).  Any good IRC programs aside from the obvious *X
Thanks for your help and remember I am not responsible for my actions
"Its my first day"



1. Questions, questions questions

Hi gang,

I've used Wesley Joe's very well written notes on setting up LinuxPPC on
my Motorola StarMax 3000/160 (603e, 32M, ext SCSI 370M drive).  An
almost flawless install ... almost flawless.

Several problems I'd like to through to the group to see if anyone has
encountered them before:

1. I can start X, no problem, with video modes 640x480 8-bit and 16-bit,
800x600 8-bit and 16-bit, 1024x768 8-bit (just like on my MacOS).  BUT,
the color palatte used with any bit depth other then 8-bit is a mess
(kinda yellowish-gray with other assorted annoying affects).  8-bit (256
colors) displays as expected (the usual color icons, etc.).  Text mode
has no problems with the vmode changes.

2. For some reason, some X apps don't recognize the mouse correctly.  I
used mouseconfig to correctly set the mouse to ADB, and in, say, xman,
the app recognizes that a pointer is over a menu (the menu drops down),
but when I move the cursor down the menu to select an option, no
highlighting (and thus no options).  Xedit does the same thing.  Xterm
works just fine!  XV doesn't is not okay (seems to want a right mouse
button that the Mac mouse doesn't have and for which I cannot find an
equivalent keyboard modifier key).

3. Netscape runs and recognizes the ppp connection as expected.
Unfortunately, it runs in grayscale mode--the whole app!  That is, all
app icons are grayscale as are any graphics downloaded from a site.  The
graphics are color (I can view them in XV and confirm that they're
color), it's just that Netscape only shows them as grayscale images.

Any suggestions greatly welcome.
J. Guy Stalnaker                                  \________/                  \____/
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