PowerCenter Pro 180 install problems

PowerCenter Pro 180 install problems

Post by RenĂ© Nielse » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I'm a completely newbie to Linux and I'm having big problems trying to
install the LinuxPPC 1998 CD. My (first) problem is that I can't get the
installer to run!
I've copied the installer.coff to a floppy and set the Boot Variables to
fd:installer.coff. Input device has been set to kbd (is the right?) and

nothing works. When I choose Write&Reboot it reboots fine and I can hear
that it reads from the floppy. After about a minute it stops and the
nothing happens and I can't see if there's anything on the screen as OF
doesn't initialize the screen.

What do I do wrong???

First, how do I get OF to use my monitor as output device? If OF doesn't
initialize the monitor, will the installer then be able to use the it?

Second, can I install Linux on an external harddisk, using the standard
SCSI-interface on my PowerCenter Pro 180.

My system setup is as follows:

PowerCenter Pro 180
2 x2 GB harddisks on the Adaptec Ultra SCSI card and one 1 GB external
harddisk connected to the standard SCSI interface
ATI Rage II graphics card (the one that came with the computer) with 4

As you can see, I'm completely new to this, and I would really
appreciate if some expert would please come and help me :-) !!!!

Bye for now...
Ren Nielsen, Denmark


1. PowerCenter Pro 180 Video Problem (mklinux dr2.1u[56])

It's funny how MkLinux barely does any video card programming at all
(it basically finds where the MacOS/ROM put the inited display), and it
still doesn't work properly. :-)

HUH?? Mk shouldn't support vmode(1).. it's a pmac thing.

I forgot when they took it out, but it should work with update 4. update 5
grabs the openfirmware device tree from the booter, so they threw out
the probing code.

Use the source.

This is from a cursory glance at DR2.1update5, no guaruntees ;-)

in DR2.1update5/osfmk/src/mach_kernel/ppc/POWERMAC/video_ati.c,
circa line 100, it should look something like:

static char *ati_names[] = {

stick "ATY,mach64_3d_pcc" in there somewhere. that's nice of apple to
remember that their powermacs aren't the only ones 1) running mk 2)
using ati cards.

Rebuild the mach kernel. The given directions are pretty complicated but
straight forward (??).. which means that I don't remember, so don't ask me.

Or, run linux-pmac.. works much better :-) I used to have mk installed on
my pcp 180 but it wasn't worth keeping, since linux-pmac is much faster
and strangely, more mature IMO.

anthony tong -> http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~atong

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