Help Gnome and KDE Logout Crash!

Help Gnome and KDE Logout Crash!

Post by lightspee » Sun, 21 May 2000 04:00:00

Anyone got an Idea?  Linuxppc 2000 on a G3/300 Beige locks up (black
screen blinking cursor in upper left corner) everytime I log out of KDE
and 50% of the time when I log out of Gnome, I just installed 2.2.14
Kernel thinking maybe the 2.3 kernel was causing it, no help.




1. Gnome (or X?) crashes on logout

OK, this is a bit peculiar.

I have RH 6.2, kernel 2.4.4, and I'm running gnome desktop.
Not sure what version of gnome. Gnome panel is 1.0.55.
I am using the Enlightenment desktop.

Sometime within the last couple of weeks, my logout has been very regularly
causing something to crash. In fact, it literally happens on every 2nd logout
(every other one). When I boot Linux, I can login in Gnome, then logout.
Login again, then the next logout gives me a course gray screen with a mouse
cursor and that's it (like a basic X desktop with no icons or windows).
No menus or anything. I can <ctrl><alt>F1 to a shell prompt and look around.
I noticed that the is a process [X <defunct>] and the gdmlogin process is not
running. But I can't figure out how to start them up again without rebooting.

Anyway, I'd like to figure this problem out. Anyone else see it?
Can anyone otherwise tell me what the logout sequence does for a desktop
manager such as Gnome up to the point where it does the login prompt?
I can't seem to hook this problem to anything.

Thanks for any help.

Mark Bratcher
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