Darwin Streaming Server for PPC?

Darwin Streaming Server for PPC?

Post by Charles Eiche » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone ported Darwin Streaming Server to PPC? I tried to get into the
distribution website at:


but I can't even get the page to load, let alone get at the sources. Maybe its a
local network problem, maybe someone else can try accessing the site and check
if its still online?


1. Darwin Streaming Server

Has anyone got the latest version of Darwin Streaming Server to compile on
either Yellow Dog Linux or LinuxPPC? I've tried compiling v2.0 on YDL, but I
get a bunch of compiler errors. I would love to be able to stream Quicktime
movies from my 7200 Linux server, so if anyone can offer any insight, I'd
really appreciate it. The compiler errors are as follows:

[several multi-character character constant warnings]

Server.tproj/main.cpp: In function `int main(int, char **)':
Server.tproj/main.cpp:186: no match for `__sigset_t & = int'
/usr/include/bits/sigset.h:31: candidates are: __sigset_t::operator =(const
{anonymous struct} &)
Server.tproj/main.cpp: In function `void RunServer(class PrefsSource *,
class PrefsSource *, UInt16)':
Server.tproj/main.cpp:377: warning: multi-character character constant

Thanks in advance,


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