RealTek Enet Card working on any distro?

RealTek Enet Card working on any distro?

Post by Dave Johnso » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 03:27:27

Does anybody know of a distro (Debian?) that has drivers for the RealTek
RTL8139 chipset?  There is full support for linux on x86 but I'm not
familiar enough with kernel recompiling yet to tackle it on my own.  I want
to build an masquerading NAT router with a httpd, sendmail, and dns loaded
on it so I need to support an additional NIC.  Is it possible to simply use
any other PCI enet cards in these machines (e.g. a 3Com 3C905?) by just
compiling the standard Linux driver into the kernel?


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RealTek Enet Card working on any distro?

Post by Etienne Herlen » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 06:28:26

>I believe there is also support for it in the kernel (don't have access
>to my linux box right now, but 2.2.18 from
>should have it)

Yes. I have 2 PCI ethernet cards based on the RealTek 8139B chip, with a
"design for windows 98/NT" sticker on it, into a 6500 running LinuxPPC
2000. The driver is included in the kernel source tree. I compiled a
2.2.17 kernel, with the driver into the kernel, not as a module, and it
works like a charm.

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1. RealTek Enet Card working on any distro?

I believe it's supported by the N2K driver, although when I tried to compile
2.2.18 to support my network card, I d/led the kernel source however I couldn't
make it, and I got some gcc errors followed by a make error. I tried asking
about the problem a week ago here, although I hadn't gotten any response.

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