support for adb devices?

support for adb devices?

Post by Ben Matthew » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00

hi -
i'm about to install ppclinux on my 8600/300, and had a quick question -
i've got the normal apple ADB mouse II, as well as an old cirque touchpad.
The two are hooked up to the ADB bus through my Applevision 750av monitor.
I was just wondering if it would it be possible to setup the cirque pad's
buttons to act as if it were a multi-button mouse?


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I tried looking at/for LINUX-related FAQ's on this question to no avail,
and someone is likely to have a quick answer to this.

I want consider replacing my Intel-based LINUX box with a PowerPC based
machine.  I already have a ADB keyboard and three-button mouse, which
i would rather not replace, since finding a keyboard that allows me to
type effectively has proven to be very difficult.  

Can i use ADB devices with a modern Mac or clone, or do i have to go
to the used market?  I don't mind writing my own drivers if i have to.
If it's better to go with a used PowerPC, what are some of the better

Simple answers, please; i don't want to be starting a ponderous thread
on this one.
                                -- KD6PAG  (On the 'Net for 25+ years)

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