Mandrake install problem

Mandrake install problem

Post by GR Gaudrea » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 09:04:02

Hi all,
I'm trying to install Mandrake 9.1 on a Blue iMac, 400 Mhz G3, 640 MB
RAM, ATI Rage 128 with 8MB RAM. I have a free partition of about 4.5
MB. I can boot from CD, so I guess this is a "New World" Mac, whatever
that means. I'm new to the MacIntosh experience, but not to Linux. I
ran Linux on a PC fopr a couple of years.

When I try to install via the gui, the screen is all screwed up and
doesn't work. When I try the text interface, it workd, but when I get
to the language selection screen and choose a language--in this case
American English--I get an error message, the install brings me to the
license screen, I accept the license and then get brought back to the
language option screen and get that error message again--I should have
written it down. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?


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I have recently installed Mandrake without any problems on one
machine, but when I went to install on another machine, after the log
in prompt, the screen just went blank, and except for some activity on
the floppy, that was it. Itried both the graphical and text mode
installs, but got the same responce to both. I have not tried 'Expert'
mode, as I am very much a Linux Newbie.

I have loaded RedHat 6.00, but could not load either RH6.1 or Corel.
This machine has a Trident Video card. If this is the problem, why did
RH6.00 load OK.

BTW the machine has two hard drives and I have installed RH6.0 on the
second drive, and intended to load Mandrake, which I prefer, over
Redhat. I did this on my other machine without any problems.

I look forward to receiving any help. Perhaps I should try Caldera?

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