"mount failed: invalid argument" during install

"mount failed: invalid argument" during install

Post by Edward Li » Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I'm a relatively new user trying to install Yellow Dog Linux on my 7200,
and everything seems to go smoothly until I select the packages to
install.  It tells me where the install log will go, and then makes the
"ext2 filesystem" or some such.  But then, where I believe it should
start the actual installing of the packages, it instead gives me the
following message: "mount failed: invalid argument."  And it goes back
to the package selection.

Has anybody else seen this before?  Is there a way around it?


Edward Liu
Cognitive Science Undergraduate, UCSD


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Hello all.  I am trying to install MkLinux DR3 on a second (internal) hard
disk.  Everything seems to go smoothly in the installation until it gets to
the point of formatting and mounting the drive partitions, at which point
it cranks for a while and then gives me the above error.  Up to this point,
the installer seems to recognize the hard disk partitions with no problems.
I have tried a variety of partition schemes, and have tried partitioning
with Drive Setup & pdisk and also with Silverlining.  No luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Steven G. Johnson

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