7600 installation trouble

7600 installation trouble

Post by Shari Ruei-Hua Epste » Wed, 04 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I just installed the RedHat linuxppc package on my powermac 7600
(purchased in Japan).  After installing everything, I ran Quik-MacOS to
make the thing bootable... the output is included at the end of this post.
Sadly, I can't make the thing boot yet.  I must be doing something wrong
with Open Firmware.

some reason Apple_HD_SC_Setup_7.3.5 claims that my root partition is
"partition number 6".  Nothing seems to work.  I've also tried specifying
the boot file as /vmlinux, I think with all of the above possibilities for
the boot device.

When I reboot, I get nothing..... I've even tried to get the OF interface
going, but "kbd" and "screen" don't seem to work on my machine.

Any words of advice to a newbie?



QUIK Bootblock installer version 1.1

Press command-Q at any prompt to quit.

Found 2 SCSI buses - scanning for disks...
sda at bus 0 target 0: 2051 MB
sda6: 98 MB (Swap)
sda7: 928 MB (Root file system)
sdb at bus 1 target 6: 0 MB
got autosense on read
70  0  2  0  0  0  0 11  0  0  0  0 3a  0  0  0  0  0 ff fe  1  6 b7 15 20
read error -7932 reading blks 1..1

Which is the root partition for your linux installation [sda7]?
Which is the swap partition ("none" if no swap) [sda6]?
Which is the /usr partition ("none" if no /usr) []? none

You already have a /vmlinux.
Do you wish to replace it with a new copy [yes]? yes
copying vmlinux to /vmlinux
Existing vmlinux saved in vmlinux.old

You already have an /etc/quik.conf.
Do you want to overwrite it with the default configuration [no]? yes
creating /etc/quik.conf
Existing quik.conf saved in quik.conf.old

You already have an /etc/fstab.
Since Powermac/Linux and MkLinux number SCSI disks differently,
an /etc/fstab that is suitable for MkLinux may not be suitable for
use with Powermac/Linux.
Do you want to overwrite /etc/fstab [yes]? yes
creating /etc/fstab
Existing fstab saved in fstab.old

You already have a quik boot block installed.
Do you wish to reinstall the quik boot loader [no]? yes
copying first.b to /boot/first.b
copying second.b to /boot/second.b
Writing first-stage bootstrap

sda7 is now bootable.
To boot from it, open the Boot Variables application,

and restart your computer.

Bootstrap installation was successful
Press command-Q to dismiss this window.


1. Installation-problems linuxPPC on updated 7600

Hi Experts,

i read a lot of the postings and FAQs, but didn't found the answers to
my questions.

My Mac is a 7600 updated with a G3 233 processor board. On my internal
harddisk the 1. partition is HFS+ then linux root, swap and usr. Root is
on partition 6. After installing with the redhat and setting boot vars to
internal scsi disc0 partition 6 i couldn't boot. I made the restart and
after the restart tone (1-2 sec.) another restart was performed with
hanging afterwards. Then i read G3 Macs can't boot from internal scsi
harddisk, is that true for updated Macs, too?
Then i tried to get into OF with holding command option O F but my display
remains dark (i set output to screen in botvar). Is there a special
resolution OF works in? Then i could set my display to that res. in MacOs
(i think it's stored in nvram?).
Should this work? Are any incompatibilities known (do the apply to updated
PowerMacs, the OF bugs in the G3 Macs)?

Any hints appreciated,
thanks for your help


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