can′t get linux 2000 installed right

can′t get linux 2000 installed right

Post by Henr » Fri, 17 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I cant get linux 2000 to work on my imac rev. c. I have tried almost
everything and the prosess of installing has been completed more then
once. But when I try to run linux, I get to the login but I cant type
anything on the keyboard and the mouse isnt working. This is probably
becouse those parts of the installation went wrong... So can anyone
please tell me in detail how I can get it installed... Everything from
partitioning the disk to starting the program after insallation. It is
pretty irritating that I cant get this working as I told my dad that e
should get it too. But if I cant get it installed, how shall he??

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I am having SOO much trouble trying to figure out what files i need to
install redhat 4. i have gone to many FTP sites and mirrors of the
redhat ftp to get the redhat system. I would really appreciate if
someone could e-mail me personally with a complete listing of all the
files i need to install the redhat linux 4.0 system. the dirs on these
ftp sites are really messy and confusing. i guess i just am a stupid
newbie who likes to explore different things. I once again would just
like to have a list of files i need and perhaps a directory map of any 1
ftp site that would tell me where i need to go to get the linux and
seperate files. Thanks for your time.



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