Netscape's been updated

Netscape's been updated

Post by Jeff Corw » Mon, 17 Nov 1997 04:00:00

   For those who've had problems with MkLinux Netscape such as not being
able to type text into fields, and error messages about fonts, I found
that since the original version was posted early last week, there have
already been 2 subsequent updates. The newest version, which was posted on
Friday, has solved most of my problems on my 7100/80. Java still
occasionally makes Netscape crash with a bus error, but I've disabled it
and it is now remarkable stable for a first effort.
   I'd suggest that users or hope-to-be users of MkLinux Netscape should
bookmark their FTP path
and check frequently for new updates.

Jeff Corwin
ABC Television
Washington, DC


1. Am I missing something or does Netscape's NEWS reader suck?


I'm trying to run Netscape 1.1N for linux, and have been trying to
like it's news reader.  I'm finding many things impossible to do
that are simple for other news readers, and other things that are
really disturbing, like Netscape reporting

File Not Found!   Could it be out of date?

for a ridiculous number of articles.  My other news reader
(SPRY News on NT) can open and read the VERY SAME articles
Netscape croaked on without any problems whatever.  Has anyone
else encountered this phenomenon?

Also, say I would like to see a list of all newsgroups that contain
the word *linux*.  What I want to see is a list like the following:

... etc.

How could you do this in Netscape without manually clicking
and expanding every usegroup tree and eyeing it
manually?  Am I missing something?

I would like to be able to use Netscape in Linux for news,
without having to reboot NT and run Spry News.
But Netscape keeps hitting me over the head with
what appears to me to be a mallet of poor design.

Like ... say I want to find all articles in comp.os.linux.misc
that pertain to *SCSI cdrom drives*.  Since Netscape
organizes it's news display PRIMARILY around dates (that
earlier and later stuff), so as to facilitate speedy delivery
of SOMETHING, you cannot easily search the entire
active newsgroup without, AGAIN, manually clicking

earliest articles ... search here for some
later articles ... now let's search here for some more
later articles ... now let's search here for some more
later articles ... now let's search here for some more
later articles ... now let's search here for some more
latest articles ... now let's finally search in this group.

I've tried to set my maximum articles at a time to
5000, but I still get an earlier option, and this is how
I became acquainted with the fact the Netscape can't
seem to find and load articles that other readers can
find and load without working up a sweat.

Frankly, I find its news reader pitiful.  What do you
think?  Am I missing something here?  I hope so.  

PS.  I've RTFM and I'm still unimpressed.

Thanks for any comments, corrections, animadversions, etc.

Yours, alas, from Spry News in NT,



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