Newbie Question re: updating kernel and getting ethernet running

Newbie Question re: updating kernel and getting ethernet running

Post by marti » Mon, 01 May 2000 04:00:00

> I have two questions:

>    1)  I am running LinuxPPC 2000 on an iBook, and am brand new to it.  
> I am trying to update the kernel to allow modem support, etc. but am
> unsure what to do with the files after I have downloaded them (modules,
> systemmap, etc.)  I know where the kernels folder for the kernel itself
> is, but what do I do with the rest of the files?

Read the kernel-howto

Quote:>    2)  I am also trying to get PPP and TCP/IP running, but have no clue
> how to do it.  It looks as though it might be easier in KDE (kPPP) but I
> can only get GNOME to run at present.  Any pointers as to where to look?


Have fun!


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Hi everyone,
I am an absolute newbie on Linux (so I write this under Win) and a
have a problem to which I cannot find an answer. I borrowed a Redhat
4.2 cd and managed to install Redhat 4.2  and LILO. The problem is
that I need an updated kernel (redhat4.2 comes with 2.0.30) to get my
NIC working. The problem is that I download (under Win) an updated
kernel but it is over 2 MB, kernel-2_0_36-3_i386.rpm. I have not a
clue how to get this file on my linux partitions. (Where should I put
it anyway?)
How to solve the problem above?
Kind regards,
Maarten Sanders.
P.S. If possible I would like to receive a copy any answer also by

sending mail? remove .nospam from my e-mail address

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