Kernel Panic with LinuxPPC, 2.2.18 and Adaptec AHA2940UW

Kernel Panic with LinuxPPC, 2.2.18 and Adaptec AHA2940UW

Post by patri » Mon, 25 Jun 2001 04:15:25

I'm not sure *what* I did.  :(

I had a stable 2.2.18 kernel working a few months ago, with three
PCI cards in my 8500/G3: a USB, Sonnet Tempo, and an Adaptec AHA2940UW.  
(the PC version, not the PowerDomain Mac version).

One day, the HD that was connected to the Adaptec died, so I took out both
card and HD.  I never bothered putting the card back in, but did some kernel
tweaking to remove stuff I didn't need.

Now however, if I put the card back in, I get a kernel panic when I boot
the machine!  In specific, I get something about an invalid value in
"srr1", whatever that is.

What bothers me, is that the system *DID* work!  I'm not sure what I
disabled or enabled to cause the panics!  And I know the card is still fine,
because if I boot from an older kernel I compiled last year, I don't get
a panic!  (Although I get several errors from missing library modules, but
this is to be expected).

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?  It seems to be a problem
with the PCI bus and the Adaptec card itself, since if the machine runs fine
with the two other PCI cards only.


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