Embedded PowerPC support (MBX etc)

Embedded PowerPC support (MBX etc)

Post by Joe & Kelly Juliche » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00

Is there currently any development effort for the embedded powerpc
families?  I saw the corel announcment concerning the ARM port, I have
also seen DEC's work on the itsy board (also an ARM, but palm sized).  I
will be getting an MBX board fairly soon, and will be starting work on a
linux port for that for a future embedded product.  It seems that an
embedded port requires changes to the I/O structure (to support
execution from ROM, built in peripherals, no paging, and some real time

The MBX is based on the MPC821 or the MPC860.  I am getting an 821.
This has the potential for a PDA flavor of linux in just a few chips.
In fact, Motorola and ADI have announced a palm computer proto card
called the PowerPAQ.
Anyway, the 800 flavor does not have the FPU, but it does have a
comunications coprocessor.  The 821 also has a flat panel display
driver, that can drive TFT displays that are fairly large.  The 823 adds
USB to the mix.

The MBX has:
        PCI, ISA (PC-104+)
        SuperIO (IDE, FDD, 16550, lpt, PS-2)
        Ethernet (through the Com processor)
        PCMCIA (Through the MPC core)
        The PCI is supplied via the Tundra chip by QSPAN
        The ISA is on an Intel PCI-ISA bridge

Any information/support/leads would be appreciated.

Joe Julicher


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