ne-2k/8029 clone ethernet card not recognize by kernel

ne-2k/8029 clone ethernet card not recognize by kernel

Post by Abel PHILIP » Sat, 07 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi !

I'm trying to use my ne2k clone on my power macintosh 4400/160 under
linuxppc R5.

I get the last version of the driver on the web site

First of all, I think there is a little error in this code : at line
350, the function has an extra parameter board_idx.

static struct device *ne2k_pci_probe1(struct device *dev, int ioaddr,
int irq,
           int chip_idx, int board_idx)

So I deleted it.After that, I rebuilded the kernel 2.2.6. I get some
warnings at the compilation of the driver.

But during the boot I get that :

The PCI BIOS has not enabled this NE2k clone ! Updating PCI command

PCI NE2000 clone 'RealTek RTL-8029' at I/O 0x400 IRQ 15
eth0 : Realtek RTL-8029 found at 0x400 IRQ 15, 00:A0:4B:07:DB:AD
Machine check in Kernel mode
Caused by (from msr) regs c02d9d20
unknown values in msr
NIP : C01CDA44 XER 20000000 LR C01CD860 Regs C02D9D20 Trap 0200
MSR 00009030 EE1PR0FP0 ME 1 IR/DR 11
Task c02d800 [1] 'swiper' mm->pgd
c019e000 Last syscall 120
last math 00000000

GPR00 : ...
GPR08 : ...
GPR16 : ...
GPR24 : ...

Call Backtrace ...
Instuction dump ...

Kernel Panic

Is my card not yet recognized by the driver ? I heard about
little-endian architecture for macintosh. Is this still a problem for
the driver ?

Thanks for your help !


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I have been able to get one to work, but the other one refuses to initialize
using the proper irq and io base,

I have this:

eth0 - irq=10, io=D000
eth1 - irq=11, io=D800

eth0 always seems want to go to irq 11 and io=D800, thus the other  card
does not work.

I have tried to set this manualy but it always seems to geet changed when I

I have used the netconf utility and edited the etc/lilo.conf and
etc/conf.modules manually this does not help.

Do I need to recompile my kernal to support this ? - I hope not because I
have no idea how to do this!

What are all the files and thier location that contain network setup

I also have win 98 running and this works, I was going to just try different
IO's and irqs untill it worked, but I don't think I should have to.

Does anyone have any ideas ?


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