MkLinux questions

MkLinux questions

Post by Wulf Hofbaue » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00


has anyone definitive information on the following?

- When will DR3 arrive (or, until when will it NOT arrive)? (It's not
that I can't wait, but I've delayed some upgrades because DR3 was to be
out "any day now" for several weeks.)

- Will DR3 finally support floppies? If not, when can I expect floppy
support to be implemented? (Floppy support has been under development
for at least a year now, acoording to reference material. MkLinux
development is beginning to resemble Copland...)

- Where can I look for up-to date information on current versions? (I've
given up on because it's outdated by several
months. I don't expect flashy graphics, but I'd like to know at least
what the current release is.)


- Wulf

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