SCSi drives changed, how to change mklimux?

SCSi drives changed, how to change mklimux?

Post by Steven W. Riggi » Mon, 25 May 1998 04:00:00


I recently added a new internal hard drive, so my external linux drive
cannot boot now.  It gives me a check disk error and lets me enter as root
on a read only file system.

How so I change the swap and file system partitions from sdb to sdd? (added
an external also)


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I have replaced all my IDE drives with SCSI ones.
I know which SCSI hard drive my doot disk is on sda7.

I have a boot floppy that was created for the IDE system
I can not boot linux from HD and do not want to re-install.

Can I modify the boot floppy to add a driver for my adaptec 2940 card. Do I
have to rebuild anything on the boot floppy.

Any instructions.

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