LinuxPPC 4.1 on Umax c500

LinuxPPC 4.1 on Umax c500

Post by Larry Bamfor » Tue, 04 May 1999 04:00:00

I've successfully installed LinuxPPC 4.1 from CDROM onto a Jaz 2G
running on my Umax c500 (603e/200).  But

1) when running KDE the system freezes almost all the time.  I'm trying
to configure kppp when it happens.  

2) The other thing that happens is the print port I've got my modem
attached to (/dev/cua1) seems to become incapable of communicating with
the modem (Global Village K56flex) either by kppp or cu.  

What am I missing, or is this typical of LinuxPPC or am I special
somehow for running it from a Jaz 2G or c500?  The only thing that went
wrong with the install was a message early on saying "RPM install of
glibc-info failed: execution of script failed."  Otherwise the install
went like clockwork.  



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I have tried several time to install R5 on my Umax C500. I have DLed
2.2.7 to fix a SCSI timeout loop in the first bit of the install. There
also seems to be a problem when I check for bad blocks with R5. 4.1 does
fine. I am able to get the install almost to the end, but it choked last
time looking for a mouse. I selected the 1 button ADB button, and the
emulate 3 button box, and the install stopped.

I have a Umax C500, 96 megs RAM, 1.2 gig external SCSI, USB card with
USB mouse.

From looking at the packages during the install, R5 looks like its would
be great. Any and all help appreciated.

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