Will it work on a ThinkPad 820?

Will it work on a ThinkPad 820?

Post by Kipp Yeake » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone been able to run linux on a ThinkPad 820?



1. ThinkPad 820 - hangs booting from install diskette

Hi folks,

I've got my LinuxPPC CD today, but am a newbie to Linux, and can't get
my ThinkPad 820 to boot from the install diskette(!). I'd appreciate any
suggestions you may have as to where to go from here...?

I have created a boot disk from the image in
InstallLinuxPPC/PREP_CHRP_BeBox/installer.prep using RAWRITE.EXE under
DOS, and attempt to boot the ThinkPad from it. After the POST, the white
Power Series logo screen stays visible, the diskette chugs away for the
best part of thirty seconds, then the logo screen display flickers and
jumps to the left half a screen, wrapping round, and the machine hangs
with the floppy drive light on. No subsequent activity.

Machine is a 6040-986 with firmware 1.01 from the RS/6000 site (for a
7247 which this machine is also labelled as). Video controller is, as
far as I know, a Western Digital 90c24a2, with at least 1MB RAM; other
hardware details I posted a couple of weeks ago under "LinuxPPC on a
ThinkPad 820?"

Bearing in mind that this is my second install of Linux, what should I
consider doing now?



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