SuSE on Mac/Help with configuring Laserprinter, USB ports and USB mouse

SuSE on Mac/Help with configuring Laserprinter, USB ports and USB mouse

Post by Stephen D. Scotti, M.D » Sun, 23 Sep 2001 15:42:07

I just installed SuSE linux on my Mac and I'm fairly happy with the way it
works although it is a little slow.  I did the full install.  If I reinstall
with only the packages that I want will it run faster?

Also, I have yet figured out how to enable a Laserprinter, my USB mouse and
USB card.  I have a LaserSelect360 hooked up to a Dayna Appletalk to
Ethernet router and that is hook up to the ethernet port on my Mac.  I was
running the ethernet to a hub where my DSL came in.  I have a G3 PowerMac
with a G4 CPU upgrade and a PCI 4 port NuBus card.  Not sure off hand what
the brand of the card is.  I have a logicTech two button mouse with a
mousewheel hooked up to the USB port.  I had to go out and buy a ADB mouse
during installation because the USB mouse wouldn't work.

Any help in setting up the system to use the USB card and mouse as well as
the LaserPrinter.

How about optimizing the system for speed.  Should I remove packages to
streamline the system and maybe get a little better performance.

Finally, when I log in as root the Gnome Window environment gives me a error
concerning gpm, the file browser, a segmentation error.  However, if I
launch gpm in the pull up windows in Superuser mode it launches and runs.
Any suggestions to get by that problem.  I haven't tried logging in as
something other than root and trying it.

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