Pilot-link and USB

Pilot-link and USB

Post by Mark O'Ne » Tue, 31 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hmmm trying to connect my pilot cradle via a uConnect USB to Serial
connector on a B/W G3 running YD Champ1.1.

Anyone out there successfully using a Pilot and pilot-link with a USB machine?

Is there a means of getting pilot-link to talk to USB?




1. pilot-link with usb under Solaris

Hi there,

I am switching from a Palm Vx to a Tungsten T. I have been syncing my
Vx under Solaris using pilot-link / pilotmgr without any problems.
Since the Tungsten comes with an USB cradle, I was wondering if anyone
has gotten this combination to work under Solaris.

If not, I can always move the syncing over to my Linux box, but I'd
prefer to keep using Solaris.

Please Cc: me on follow-ups.



Yes, that *is* my E-mail address.

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