Crash with MkLinux Booter 1.2.9a

Crash with MkLinux Booter 1.2.9a

Post by Christoph Ewerin » Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:00:00

hello !

I've just updated my german MacOS 8.0 to 8.1 and had to discover
an error with the newest MkLinux-booter (1.2.9.a)
It only mounts HFS+ volumes sometimes not everytime (think this is
mentioned in a README) and my Mac (4400/200) crashes during
shutdown or reboot.
With the booter disabled the HFS+ volumes mount everytime and
I got no crashes during restart or shutdown.

That's all.

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33104 Paderborn 


1. booter 1.2.9 && 1.2.9a not booting mklinux with vm on


The new mklinux booter does not boot mklinux if virtual memory
is on. If vm is off everything goes well.

My mac is a 6100/60 40/250CD with an external apple 2GB HD
System software is 7.5.5 with apple extensions only and
all hard drives are driven by the apple scsi driver version 1.3.

The external drive is a quantum fureball_tm2110s300x;
it has scsi address equal to one and mklinux is installed as follows:

        /dev/sdb5 root partition 100MB
        /dev/sdb6 usr partition 300 MB
        /dev/sdb7 usr/local partition 150 MB
        /dev/sdb8 swap partition 50MB

the mklinux version is dr2.1v6 with shared libraries.

Would anyone please help me?

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