MAC Linux, Leoarndo <-> Mac Leonardo?

MAC Linux, Leoarndo <-> Mac Leonardo?

Post by Oliver Scha » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I am new to Linux and MACs but I am Unix-expert. I have to find a solution
for the following network-structure:

   +A---------+             +B----------+     +C------------+
   | MAC with |    ISDN     | Mac with  <=====> SUN-Server  |
   | ISDN Leo |  <--------> | Linux and |     | with 600 GB |
   | nardo    |   Leonardo  | Leonardo  |     | database-   |
   +----------+             +-----------+     | system (HSM)|
   This is a                                  This part is easy
   common                   Is this part
   standard                 possible?
                 This is my

The idea is to feed computer B from C with some files, which have to been
send using Leonardo-ISDN to A. Feeding B from C can be done using NFS/FTP
and Linux. Well, but is the last part, the ISDN-Leonardo-connection

As I am start from Zero, I am able to buy any specific MAC-modell I need.

Any comments welcome,

Thanks, Oliver


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John FX Berns
FX Multimedia

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