Dump Problems in YDL 2.1

Dump Problems in YDL 2.1

Post by Michael Rubinsk » Wed, 16 Jan 2002 02:55:17

Hoping someone can help me out here...

YDL 2.1 running on a 7200/120 with 128mb of RAM.  I have 3 partitions
(besides /swap) mounted at "/", "/var" and "/home".  I'm trying to backup my
root partition to tape using dump.  I get the normal dump messages telling
me it's starting and mapping.  Then, when I get to "Pass III (Directories)"
the system hangs.  No response at all from anything.  I can't log on to any
other terminal, I can't telnet in...nothing.  If I stop the dump (control-z)
then I get the normal "Stopped" message from the system, but I get no
command prompt.  Sometimes, during the process, I get messages on my screen
saying "Invalidate: busy buffer" or "Invalidate: dirty buffer" but I have no
idea what these mean.

I have tried getting and compiling the latest version of dump (0.4b26) and
this did not help either.

I recompiled my kernel and also obtained the latest source tree and compiled
that.  Still no difference.  Right now, I'm running the 2.4.18-pre3 kernel.

Of note...the problem only occurs when dumping "/".  I can dump /home and
/var just fine.  I sometimes get the "invalidate" messages still, but the
dump completes and I can read the files back using restore.

The / partition is 2.1G and about 1.4G of it is used.  Both /var and /home
are both under 100mb of used space.

Any help is greatly appreciated...I'm at my wits end!!!




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