Is Sonnet Tempo IDE ATA66 control card working under linuxPPC

Is Sonnet Tempo IDE ATA66 control card working under linuxPPC

Post by Ning Zhan » Thu, 17 May 2001 23:11:47

Hi, everyone,

We have a Power Mac 9600 with 4 GB SCSI harddisc. We want to install
LinuxPPC on a new disc. Concern that the old SCSI type disc is rare and
expensive nowaday, we plan to choose IDE type disc as the alternative.

Does anyone try this piece of hardware before or know it works under
LinuxPPC distributions?

Ning Zhang
Graduate Research Assistant,
Bioengineering Center,
818 W. Hancock, Detroit, MI, 48202


1. Help on Sonnet Tempo ATA66 card/WD IDE drive

finally got 2.2.15 patched and compiled where I can get the kernel to
recognize the card and drive. The problem I have now is I'm getting
lost interrupts from the IDE drive on boot up and I can't mount the
drive yet. pdisk can see the partition map and the values for the
partition sizes are correct

TIA for any suggestions

tried the following kernel arguments:

The Sonnet card is based upon the Promise card.

It is the ProMax and ACARD cards which are based upon the AEC6260 chip from
ACARD (now called AChip).

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