NFS connection error

NFS connection error

Post by Seung-Hoon Le » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi, users ? I am Seung-Hoon Lee. I hope to know what the reasons of my nfs
error are.
You can see the error as following:

# mount /ars/as/asiana
mount: / is already mounted, /ars/as/asiana is busy,
       or allowable number of mount points exceeded: Device busy (error 16)

What's my problem ? Could you help me ?



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Ok, this is all a bit odd.  I will draw an ascii picture and hope it
survives in Google:

sun server
    |                   .------mandrake 8.2------.
    |---nfs mount------|client   -> samba server |---share-|
    |                   `------------------------'         |
    |                 .----suse 9.0-----------.            |
    |---nfs mount-----|client -> samba server |-----share--|
                      `-----------------------'            |
                                                           |-- Windows

A long time ago someone set up samba on a mandrake box, to give
windows users access to the big unix file server.  Everyone is a
"guest" so the files are owned on the server by "nobody" - 99:99

Snag, is, that mandrake box is supposed to be doing something
important, and we need to get the traffic off.  so I have built a
similar setup with an old Dell server, and installed suse 9 on it.
I've mounted the same exported drives from the sun box and run samba
to share them to the windows people.

It all works fine, except for Microsoft Office apps.  If I open a file
in word on the mandrake share it is fine, just like a local drive.  If
I open it on the suse share then word hangs "not responding" for about
3 minutes, then comes back to life.  Same when auto-save comes in or
when you try to exit.  Other software, other apps, no problem.  Only

I have created a samba share to a local disk on the suse 9 box, and it
works without any problems: I don't think the problem is in my samba
setup.  It seems to be the nfs part of the equation, and it is driving
me demented.

I have changed user "nobody" on the suse box from 65544:65533 to 99:99
to avoid conflicts - no better.  I have checked what is happening on
the sun server: the windows ~$ lock file and ~WOR buffer files are
created instantly, with the right owners and permission bits.

The only thing that might take time is that an acl is created on the
original word file on the sun server from the suse box, but not from
the mandrake box.  the acl appears benign, but I wonder if the act of
creation is the problem.  Other applications do not create acls, and
the two temporary files that microsoft creates don't have acls.

The setup of the nfs mounts on the two boses is the same - the options
are "defaults, rw" on both of them.

AA: Has anyone seen anything like this before?
BB: how can I create an nfs mount that does not invoke the acl
CC: anyone know where I can get Samba binaries for Solaris 8?

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