GNU CPIO problems

GNU CPIO problems

Post by Marc Ferguso » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00

When I use the following with GNU cpio I get everything on the
tape not just the files specified by the patter:
      cpio -iv "Db/db*" </dev/rct0

This worked under SCO standard distribution cpio.  What am I missing?


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1. GNU CPIO problems

Assuming that you do a "gcpio -ivt < /dev/rct0" and you see file names
showing exactly in the form you are specifying: "Db/db*" (no other leading
./ or other directory stuff), then....  it sounds like you have a broken

Did you compile it yourself?  Under 3.2v4.2?
If so, edit the makefile, force fnmatch.c & fnmatch.o back in the compile
rules (you'll see them commented out).  Then rebuild gcpio.

The gnu configure script finds fnmatch.o in the sco libraries under
3.2v4.2 and thinks its something it can use -- but it doesn't work..  You
must use the fnmatch.c included in the distribution to get the proper
behavior.  I had reported this bug to the gcpio & gtar maintainers a long
time ago.  At a certain point in time one utility (gcpio or gtar)
correctly selected its own fnmatch.c and the other didn't, so one's
filename matching worked where the other's didn't.  To add to the
complexity, if I remember correctly, the fnmatch.o in the 3.2v5.0 lib
works as expected.  To avoid all this grief, I always force fnmatch.c to
be used in the gcpio/gtar makefiles under all systems.

Make sure that if you are working on 3.2v5 that you use a gcpio/gtar
compiled on 3.2v5 as there are important system calls (lchown in
particular) available under that version which were not available under
3.2v4.2.  If you use the 3.2v4.2 versions on a 3.2v5 system, they can
cause unwanted chowns to restored files.  This killed me more than once.


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