Hanging tape drives HELP HELP

Hanging tape drives HELP HELP

Post by Robin Leeuwer » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi !

We have problems with this configuration

SCO 3.2v4.2
Compaq deskpro system
Compaq Tape Drive 320-/525 Mb

When we want to create a backup with sysadmsh this function hangs.
We have about 4 of this configurations and it's only the compaq, whose
causing this problem. All other configurations never have this

Does anyone know something about this??

Thanks in advange!



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  We seem to be having a problem with dd processes not going away and
holding on to the tape drive.  This only happens when we run dd with a
large block size (64K).
  The command issued would be like:
   $ dd bs=64K if=/dev/rmt0 [pipe] cpio -ic
If an interrupt is issued to the cpio command the dd lives on.  (Also
it seems that when you use a large block size that dd splits into two
processes and uses shared memory).  So now there are two live dd
processes out there.  If one is killed the other lives on and will not
give up the tape drive until a system reboot.
  Has anyone else noticed this?  Am I just going crazy?  Any
suggestions on how to resolve this would be great.  (No, we can't
decrease the block size or use some other form of the command; Well we
at least perfer not to.)
Thanks in advance.
  --  Alva Powell

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