SCO 5.04 + Netscape Proxy Server + News

SCO 5.04 + Netscape Proxy Server + News

Post by Samuel Liddicot » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00

 It would help if you post your sockd.conf file, and tell use whether or not
you are using a socksified winsock.dll, or socks options in the news
programs themselves

I could be wrong, but I thought only the Web Browser part of MSIE used socks
built in, not the news....

You probably need a socks client on your PC.

SOCKS Client: SOCKS V4 is available at The Hummingbird SOCKS Client is
also distributed on all Hummingbird software products.

SOCKS Servers: SOCKS V4 is available through anonymous ftp from SOCKS V5 is available through http at Most firewall vendors today support SOCKS V4 and

What version socks server are you running?  (I just compiled socks 4 from
NEC and it works fine)

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Quote:>Is there anybody out there who knows how to proxy news.....
>Basically I've got a 5.04 server which has a connection to an ISP ,and has
> Proxy 2.5 , I know that netscape is unable to proxy news.
>I've been adding entries into /etc/sockd.conf of the news servers of an ISP
>and telling the proxy server to use /etc/sockd.conf to proxy the news ,but
>am having no joy...
>The news browsers I've tried are ie3 ,ie4 ,and netscape 4 with no joy....
>Is there anybody who can tell me where I am going wrong....