Floppy Based or IDE Based Tape drives & 5.0.5 (or 5.0.4)

Floppy Based or IDE Based Tape drives & 5.0.5 (or 5.0.4)

Post by NJPitPup » Sun, 06 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Who is using or planning to use either type tape drive on the latest SCO
releases?  Speed is not a factor so much as price point (want to stay $180 and
under). Please provide the manufacturer/model.

Thank you,

Stan Yedlowski


1. Old Connor Floppy-based Tape Drive

I have dug out an old Connor Floppy-based tape backup drive, and I'd quite
like to get it working on my FreeBSD 4.2-stable box. I'm not even sure if
floppy tape drives are supported any more, but I thought it best to check.

Any info would be appreciated,


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